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Corporate Finance

You may be entering new markets, focusing on core competency or searching for new business opportunities: acquisition, disposal, spin-offs, fusions or restructuring to improve chances of achieving business goals and to respond to the challenges from competition.

In such situations, Deutsche IMMO Ltd. can provide you professional, independent advisory services with reliability and objectivity. We deliver a broad range of financial services across many industries from commerce to the energy sector.

The members of our team are drawn exclusively from the practices of the "Big 4" international accounting firms, and all have prior investment banking and strong financial experience.

We believe each financial decision is unique, and should not be seen as a mathematical process alone, but on experienced insight. Corporate Finance requires a high level of adaptability, flexibility and innovation.

We use a variety of methodologies and techniques in deriving evaluations, and we also exploit our experience and apply our judgment to give our clients the quality of financial advice they demand.

We provide our clients with:

  • Independent opinions
  • Flexible and creative solutions
  • Dedicated Partner involvement
  • Reduced "red tape" and
  • Value for money