Deutsche IMMO Hungary

Complementary Services

In addition Deutsche IMMO offers a host of additional services that are related to business valuation.

Business plans, feasibility studies

Our experts offer assistance in preparing business plans for enterprises and projects, for credit application or even to support negotiations with investors.

Fairness Opinion

Fairness Opinion furnishes information to the owner and/or management on the conditions and value of a transaction in compliance with the regulations of the authorities.

Similarly in the case of contribution in kind, where an asset is exchanged for an equity share a Fairness Opinion is required.


Strategic and commercial considerations influence the optimal structure of a deal. An integrated infrastructure must support the management with quick access to key information.

We provide professional advice to the management and shareholders of an underperforming transaction, to protect investment values.

Market and sector analysis

Identification of new business opportunities is essential to keep ahead as competition stiffens. Potential information such as legislation, trends and price levels sourced from numerous locations must be analyzed, consolidated and integrated to overview the market. Deutsche IMMO - direction forward.